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Portage Casting & Mold, Inc.
Technology Center

PCM has developed and expanded its Technology Center to complement your requirements.
At Portage Casting & Mold (PCM), unlike other mold makers, we have our own Technology Center equipped with the newest and most advanced thermoplastics manufacturing systems in the industry.
We test molds for a variety of thermoplastics processes including:
• single sheet forming (Machine platen size: 8 feet x 12 feet)
• pressure forming (Machine platen size: 6 feet x 10 feet)
• twinsheet forming (Machine platen size: 6 feet x 10 feet)
PCM'S proven Technology Center develops the processing parameters using our Technology Center; we assist customers in product design, pattern making, mold making and final testing. The Technology Center also enables customers to test product ideas, make refinements and see improvements during the development process. PCM molds become productive more quickly for faster payback and profitability. Tooling for plastics manufacturing is a major investment. Pay back your investment quickly with Portage Casting & Mold (PCM). We build fine quality tools for thermoplastics and blow molding that run right, fast and long. We produce more parts with less scrap for a faster return on your investment.

There is no longer a need to ship a Temporary tool and Mold back to the customer. With PCM'S Technology Center, PCM can produce the sample part with highly skilled technicians and engineering teams. Your parts are produced under actual production conditions.

  • Eliminates delays and scheduling your equipment.
  • The ability to inspect, review and alter temporary tool and production molds, after parts are produced.
  • Verify plastic material specifications.
  • Produce sample part prior to texturing requirements.
  • Verification of retract systems.
  • Eliminates delays in producing sample parts under production conditions to make trim fixtures and inspection fixtures.
  • PCM has the ability to produce parts for customer acceptance without impacting your machine schedules.
PCM'S proven Technology Center develops the processing parameters