The Technology of Tomorrow is at PCM Today!





Portage Casting & Mold, Inc.

Precision molds begin with precision design.

Advanced CAD/CAM Capabilities – we work with your electronic files from 2-D through advanced solid modeling program. Our engineers assist in final design, improving mold productivity and reducing production costs.

PCM provides complete project management services to support turnkey mold making capabilities. PCM has structured its operations to serve our customers tooling requirements and service support from designs to a custom molded sample part. Continue your tour and experience for yourself the PRIDE of PCM, in which customers through out the world have grown to expect.

Modeling: 3D surface and solid modeling
Design/drafting: associative, parametric and variation
Translators: Parasolid, STEP, IGES, ACIS, SET, VDA, CGM, DXF, SLA

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